UMALI KAYO TA MEN GAG-GAG-AY TAKO ISNA. PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE celebrates its 6th Anniversary on October 16, 2021 with an ETHNIC STYLE of Stylish Cordillera. “Fashion is Passion. Passt Scho! Part 2 is coming soon! Abangan!

Amy Balbawang, Owner and Head Designer of Stylish Cordillera

“For me, a Stylish Cordillera is someone who is not afraid of the rules of fashion and someone who loves culture, arts and tradition. I am proud to introduce you the Faces of Stylish Cordillera 2021.” – Amy Balbawang, Owner and Head Designer of Stylish Cordillera

The Faces of Stylish Cordillera 2021: Chloe Sabala, Faith Gwyneth Sannad Villon, Erwin Jake Molitas Ducat, Angel Carolino, Angel Comesario, Lyka Stephanie Temblor and Michael Bryan Caparas.

Miel Angela P. Castulo, a 12 year old girl from Baguio City, Philippines is the Winner of “Face of Stylish Cordillera 2021”.

“The most unforgettable photoshoot I’ve done so far was for Stylish Cordillera, which was quite difficult for me. Because I had to keep spinning during the shoot and because my co-models are all older than me. And since I’m the youngest of them all, I had to be on par with them in terms of projection and poise. The shoot was so memorable, I remembered how we worked hard and how successful the campaign was. My heart is filled with gratitude as the winner of the “Face of Stylish Cordillera” and I feel so blessed for this award. I’d want to express my gratitude to the entire panel of judges for selecting me for this honor. As a model, this is a very proud moment for me. And this achievement will serve as a source of inspiration for the rest of my life, enabling me to achieve even greater success in the future.” – Miel Angela P. Castulo, Winner of “Face of Stylish Cordillera 2021” and Cover Girl of 6th Anniversary issue of Pilya Blog Magazine in October 2021

Amy Balbawang, Owner and Head Designer of Stylish Cordillera

“I am a person who loves to experiment and play with the colors when it comes to fashion by mixing and matching them. Though I only started Stylish Cordillera in 2019, I know that I inspired many aspiring designers to be more proud of their Igorot Culture especially in fashion.” Stylish Cordillera is looking forward to launch more fashion collections and fashion shows. I was able to join some fashion shows in Europe despite the pandemic. In the Philippines, I was able to join my fellow kailyans in showcasing the inabel which I know many people around the world are watching. Watch out for the participation of Stylish Cordillera to the Habi at Burdang Katutubo in Baguio City, Philippines 2021 where it is going to showcase the new limited collection 2021-2022.

In December, Stylish Cordillera will also launch the limited Christmas Special Collection. In April 2022, it will showcase the new summer collection 2022 in the IVY Ball Fashion Show in Batangas, Philippines. Stylish Cordillera is also busy preparing for the first ever Cordilleran Tapestry Runway in Brussels, Belgium in October 2022. Please be patient for the grand opening of Stylish Cordillera weaving room in the Philippines by the end of 2022 next year. For the past two years, I have learned many things doing the Stylish Cordillera. And one thing I know is that there are people who believe in me and trust me.

There will be a lot more so please keep supporting Stylish Cordillera because in Fashion, it is always better to BE SIMPLE, BE SIGNIFICANT, BE STYLISH CORDILLERA.”Amy Balbawang, Owner and Head Designer of Stylish Cordillera


facebook: amy.balbawang2504

facebook page: Stylish Cordillera

Instagram: stylishcordillera_official

***Amy Balbawang is the Cover Girl of FASHION IS PASSION. PASST SCHO! 5th Anniversary, October 2020***

Stylish Cordillera Ad Campaign 2021

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