Ana Salano and the Global Hairstylist

Ana Salano

“Eighteen years working in hair industry, seven years in salon, ten years as a Technical Educator and now, I am a salon owner. I’ve studied and I’ve been to different countries like Dubai, Taiwan, Vietnam and other places to learn new trends in hair, share my knowledge with my co-hairstylists according to the needs of our clients.

“I know the Lord give me this as my mission.”

I am glad and flattered to join a group to perform my mission to provide free haircut. The name of the group is “The Global Hairstylist”. We go to a place, remote areas, village or province to give “free haircut” from younger children to adults, men and women, boys and girls.

For me, this is a little thing to do but makes me happy to help our countrymen who cannot afford themselves a decent haircut. Some of them really think that “beauty” is for those who can only afford it just like those people who are in the high society. I show them my work by reaching out to them and their new haircut makes me proud of what I am doing as a hairstylist.
Please support my group, “The Global Hairstylist.” Maraming salamat po. ”

– Ana S. Our Stylist, Pilya blogger

The Global Hairstylist


Dear Pilya Blog Readers, Filipino Associations and Communities in Germany and Europe,

It’s a pleasure to reach you with our proposal letter. We are “The Global Hairstylist”, a group of hairstylists whose advocacy is to share our skills to the community. Our visions are to share and care to those who are in need. This is through a free haircut caravan. Our manpower is always available and it’s completely free.

What we need are Sponsors for the following:
•transportation to the location of the event.
•foods for the participating hairstylist.
•coordination to NGOs, accommodation if it’s far enough from Metro Manila, sanitization etc.
These needs are hindering us to schedule our own caravan since we are not tied to any big companies or NGO.
I hope we can gather more support funds from those who have a good heart.
We look forward to work with you and highly appreciated for taking your time reading our proposal letter.

Sincerely Yours,
The Global Hairstylist

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