Elisa Billi, Cover Girl Photography by Ces Seidel

“Blissful Summer” is the theme of June 2022. Elisa Billi, Entrepreneur from Nürnberg, Germany is the Cover Girl. What makes this COVER photo special is that it is taken in the forest, the Lorenzer Reichswald in Nürnberg. The design of the COVER is the combination of Nature for the celebration of World Environment Day (June 5) and June is the Month of Weddings. MINDOREÑO AKO! Elisa Billi was born in Bongabong, Oriental Mindoro. The town is home to Kuta Bongabong, one of the oldest Spanish colonial fortifications in the Philippines. Oriental Mindoro is known as the “Pearl of Mindoro”. it is world-famous for splendid beaches, coral reefs and exquisite dive sites. Oriental Mindoro is the Calamansi of the Philippines and MIMAROPA (Oriental Mindoro, Occidental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon and Palawan). Oriental Mindoro is the Banana King of MIMAROPA Region. Elisa Billi’s mother came to Germany in 1970 as surgical nurse and then her father and siblings followed in 1977.

“Blissful Summer” June 2022 is AVAILABLE ON JUNE 21! Please choose your SUBSCRIPTION.

“Blissful Summer” June 2022

SHELL SAFETY DAY 2022. Elisa Billi is an Entrepreneur and Owns Billi Elisa GmbH in Nürnberg. On May 11, 2022, Billi Elisa GmbH and Staff held a “Shell Safety Day”, talked about Life-Saving Rules in Nürnberg.

Elisa Billi GmbH and Staff


Elisa Billi, Cover Girl Photography by Ces Seidel

“As the Boss lady, my strength is to make decisions everyday and to minimize the error rate. I ask opinions from from people who are familiar with the subject. I call up my lawyer when it comes to legal matters and my accountant when it comes to tax matters. Then I usually do what they suggest. There are other entrepreneurs who became my good friends and we share experiences. But I also ask opinions from people around me whom I trust.” – Elisa Billi

Elisa Billi, Cover Girl Photography by Ces Seidel
Elisa Billi, Cover Girl Photography by Ces Seidel

“Women in male dominated field are easy to be underestimated. But I seldom let anyone undercut my authority. For the success of the company, I often need to make unpleasant decisions even if I get oppositions from all sides.” – Elisa Billi

Elisa Billi, Cover Girl

“I believe that I have a positive outlook of life. I never think that the “grass is greener on the other side.” I feel that I am already on a greener side. How to stay positive? I avoid toxic people especially those who want to ruin my happiness. People who drain you are preventing you from pursuing your best life. identify them before they suck the energy out of you. I have high expectations of myself. I am a kind of competitive person. I have the strong desire to accomplish something. I need to relax more.” – Elisa Billi

Elisa Billi and her husband, Walter Photography by Ces Seidel

“Mahal, Whenever, people say I am lucky to have you, I agree with them without more ado because you are a phenomenal husband. You put me on a pedestal and turns my life into a dream world for being the perfect husband. You have been my strength throughout and I cannot imagine spending my life with anyone else but you. Alles Liebe zum Vatertag.” – Elisa Billi

Elisa Billi, Cover Girl
Elisa Billi, Cover Girl Photography by Ces Seidel

“I would like to thank all the people who have led me to where I am today. My parents, of course, for raising me the way they have. To all my employees, for all the support and hard work they always put for the firm every single day. To my soulmate, Walter, for being the best husband ever. For my Kevin, thanks for being the wonderful son that you are. Happiness comes first, you come first until you have to live it everyday. Never stop until you are satisfied. Anything is possible.” – Elisa Billi

Elisa Billi, Cover Girl Photography by Ces Seidel

“What do I see myself in 5 years? I have ambitions to achieve financial freedom. But I am still figuring out how. Unfortunately, the world is constantly changing that I cannot plan and forecast.” – Elisa Billi


Art & Beauty Frühlings Festival by Galerie Edition Camos


YAYYY DUBAI! Spike 777 Misch Masch, a comic story. Written by Ces Seidel. Illustrated by Jerome Lupisan

UWIAN NA! MAY NANALO NA! GINALINGAN EH! by Spike 777 Misch Masch Selfie/Photo Contest

Dalia Oswald, Cover Girl “Call It Spring Dalia” April 2022

Pilya Blog Magazine would like to congratulate Dalia Oswald, Cover Girl of CALL IT SPRING DALIA APRIL 2022. She is among the TOP 5 FINALISTS (3rd Runner-Up) for Mrs. Euro-Philippines Universe 2022 held on June 11, 2022 at the Music Dome in Kerkrade, Netherlands. That’s really Pilyamazing! Wir sind tolz auf dich.

What’s Next?

Pilya Blog Magazine is the Official Souvenir Magazine of Mrs. Euro-Philippines Universe 2022. If you wish to get a copy, please contact Ces Seidel, Publisher. WhatsApp: +49 17623679422. Thank you.

The Winners and Candidates of Mrs. Euro-Philippines Universe 2022

Pilya Blog Magazine joins the FIESTA FILIPINO with PRESKO BAND on June 25, 2022 in Eltmann. Entrance is free. All business owners are welcome. Please come and join us! Maraming salamat po.

Pilya Blog Magazine is the Official Souvenir Magazine of the Charity Gala Night of Estrella Grote Entertainment on July 2, 2022 in Hamburg. For tickets, please contact us. Thank you.

UBEEEEEEE ANG SIGAWWW! A blog about the 1st Ube Fiesta in Germany 2022 by Ces Seidel is included in August 2022 issue. Don’t miss it!

Ces Seidel wears Stylish Cordillera necklace, fashion accessory.

“Oh Summer! I always say, if you’re not barefoot then you’re overdressed! The weather in Germany is unpredictable. Sometimes, the heat is overbearing during the day but it tends to get cold during the night. It looks like we’re getting “normal” and aren’t we all in the mood for fiesta? On June 25, 2022 it is our Filipino Fiesta in Eltmann. Please, party people, cowboys, Uzi come and let us show support for the wackiest, friendliest people in Bayern. This event is open to public. Hey, business owners, it is open market. PRESKO Band will play live music. We also have Filipino foods, street foods, kakanin atbp. But please do not come starving (laughs). Please do not expect much but I assure you that you are going to have a very good time with us. Meron po tayong munting paraffle sa bibili ng PB Magazine. That’s really Pilyamazing! Tangkilikin po natin ang sariling atin. CHOOSE YOUR SUBSCRIPTION TODAY. Thank you very much to Amy Balbawang, Owner and Designer of Stylish Cordilleralux for my necklace, fashion accessory. For sales and marketing, please contact Amy. Facebook: amy.balbawang2504 Facebook page: touchofcordillera. MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT PO.” – Ces Seidel, Publisher

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