THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S CHOICE -Mrs. Euro-Philippines Universe 2022 by Ces Seidel

THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S CHOICE- Mrs. Euro Philippines Universe 2022 by Ces Seidel

DA SUBENIR OF MRS. EURO-PHILIPPINES UNIVERSE 2022 IS AVAILABLE ON JULY 15, 2022. Pilya Blog Magazine is the Official Souvenir Magazine of Mrs. Euro-Philippines Universe 2022 held on June 11, 2022 at the Music Dome in Kerkrade, Netherlands. The COVER of the SUBENIR is Julie Forsberg Belleza, crowned Mrs. Euro-Philippines Universe 2022. If you wish to get a copy, please contact us or Maria Ces Seidel, Publisher. WhatsApp: +49 17623679422. Facebook page: pilyablogmagazine



THE PHOTOGRAPHER’S CHOICE: Candidate #1 Febie Merano Gadon

“Febie is vibrant, full of life, energy and enthusiasm. She’s a true definition of Pilya and I like that.” – Ces Seidel, photographer

Candidate #2 Mary Grace Pangilinan

Candidate #3 Precil Jemima Brao

Candidate #4 Rhea Schissler

Candidate #5 Vanessa Selyo Soso

Candidate #6 Joy Müller

Candidate #7 Dalia Oswald

Candidate #8 Tiffany Gerlach

Candidate #9 Geneveve Jung, Best in Swimwear

Candidate #10 Julie Forsberg-Belleza

Candidate #11 Rename Joy Piefrement

Candidate #12 Linda Andersson

Candidate #13 Ivory Dela Roca Pärlbäck

Candidate #14 Cherry Hofmann

Candidate #15 Marvel Lequido Doerste

Candidate #16 Abegail Gregorio-Martin

Acknowledgments: Stylish Cordilleralux, Sponsor of Swimwear, Mrs. Euro-Philippines Universe and Elisa Billi GmbH, Nürnberg

BLISSFUL SUMMER June 2022 with Elisa Billi, entrepreneur from Nürnberg as Cover Girl is NOW AVAILABLE! That’s really Pilyamazing! Tangkilikin po natin ang sariling atin. Choose your SUBSCRIPTION. Maraming salamat po.

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