HAPPY 70th BIRTHDAY, CORRIE WEIRES! On October 30, 2021, PILYA BLOG Magazine joined the 70th Birthday Party of Corrie Weires at the Ocean Paradise China Schiff Restaurant in Bonn. Oh how we love it!!! We are assigned to create a SUBENIR, Pilya Blog Magazine Special Edition for this event. Video & Photography by Maria Ces Seidel


SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE. Dancing sexy Samba style was one of the highlights of Corrie Weires’ 70th Birthday Party. It was a surprise gift from ERGO that Corrie liked the most! HALA BIRA!!!

WHO IS THE BEST AND No.1 POWER LADY ERGO PRO??? IT’S CORRIE WEIRES! The giveaway, raffle and winning prizes made the celebration mega happy! Congratulations to all winners and awardees from ERGO.

Rosemarie Austria, ERGO member

ATTENTION TO ALL NEW NURSES IN GERMANY❗️ “Our Ergo Pro Philippine Team is ready to give Information / Presentation about Rentensystem in Deutschland. Our Generation on behalf of my mother has 25 years of experience.”- Oliver Weires, ERGO is one of the major insurance groups in Germany and Europe. ERGO Pro (Köln/Deutz), Contact persons: Corrie Weires, Mobile: 0175 6610590 Oliver Weires, Mobile: 0151 61018999. Please visit their website,, for more details.

Happy Birthday Tita Corrie Weires from Pilya Blog Magazine! May you have more birthdays to come and happier moments to share with us because you’re Pilyamazing too! Thanks for everything!

Markkizaac Mago, Author

INTRODUCING MARKKIZAAC MAGO, RISING CHILDREN’S BOOK AUTHOR. Markkizaac Mago is the author of recently published, “My Super Grandpa” and its forerunner, “My Super Grandma”. He lives in Bad Tölz, Bayern Germany where he works as a Registered Nurse. Grab your copies of Markkizaac’s books at

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