“Arte, Husay at Diskarte” is the theme of Pilya Blog Magazine’s August 2021 issue. Ang Agosto ay Buwan ng Wika. Ang tema sa taong ito’y ““Wikang Katutubo: Tungo sa Isang Bansang Filipino”. In this issue, we are featuring artists from Germany and other countries.

Edith Gross, artist/painter from NRW, Germany is the Cover Girl of “Arte, Husay at Diskarte” Agosto 2021. Photography by Maria Ces Seidel

“Arte, Husay at Diskarte” is available on August 5, 2021. Pre-order Now!


Edith Gross, artist/painter from NRW, Germany is the Cover Girl of “Arte, Husay at Diskarte” August 2021. It icludes blogs of Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito with Jericatures, Bonet Smile with guest artists, Simon Isagani, Dorie Reyes Polo plus more.. The price includes shipping to Germany only.


An Interview with Artist Edith Gross

What does art mean to you? EG: Art is a medium of expression, an expression through writing, music, painting and other forms.

What subjects inspire you? EG : Love, Hopes, Dreams, Success and Frustration are my subjects to paint.

How long have you been painting? EG: Since my high school days, since 1971

What is the hardest part of creating a painting? EG: To express a song, a poem to an abstract painting.

How important are titles to your painting? EG: Titles or captions are important to guide the viewers how to understand my art .

Do you listen to music when you are painting? EG: Yes, music and good mood is all I need for a good concentration to paint.

How do you know when a painting is done? EG: When I am contented, signed and covered with lack or finishing.

Are oil paintings easy to care for? Yes, and I think it is more lasting than an acrylic color. But I have more allergy problems dealing with oil colors.

Does it get lonely painting all day? EG : No. I could paint the whole day long, but due to my household chores, I dont have this chance to paint the whole day.

What’ s the best thing about being an artist? EG: That feeling that I can paint, this is the best what I can say, just like the others who can sing, write or compose songs. Everyone has a talent ,has a hobby and it is great if we enhance this at its best.

What advice would you give to your younger self? I would advice them to pursue this wonderful talent even just one full day in a week, never delay a peice just because of the household chores. As long as as painting brings joy, paint a lot even when nobody is interested because one day, our works would become valuable.



Olango Island: A Quick Pandemic Summer Escape by Bonet Smile

DR. RIZAL IN DEUTSCHLAND. Dr. Jose Rizal’s 160th birthday anniversary by Sven Thorsten-Ihde

Beating the Odds With The Tree of Life

BEATING THE ODDS WITH THE TREE OF LIFE. A blog written by MRS. PUNK ROCK CIELITO’S #EBIGAN BOOK with “Tree of Life”, Painting by Edith Gross


Bles Chavez-Bernstein, singing poet and authors of “In The Typhoon’s Eyes” and “Without Rhyme”.

Here’s a good offer you can’t resist! Thank you very much, BLES CHAVEZ BERNSTEIN’S THE SINGING POET’S STORY. Please read it.

TARA NA SA SAMAL ISLAND! WE ALL DREAM OF FAR AWAY. Plan your trip. Arrange your stay with us. Thank you very much, Luciana Albofera, Owner.

The Very Rocky Road (Happy Father’s Day 2021). Written by Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito. Illustrated by Jericatures

THE VERY ROCKY ROAD (Happy Father’s Day 2021). Written by MRS. PUNK ROCK CIELITO’S #EBIGAN BOOK. Illustrated by JERICATURES.

Dorie Reyes Polo, poet

Dorie Reyes Polo, poet. Link: THE VERY ROCKY ROAD (Happy Father’s Day 2021)

Simon Isagani, folk singer/composer

Rene Tinapay a.k.a. Simon Isagani, folk singer/composer from Sydney, Australia. Link: THE VERY ROCKY ROAD (Happy Father’s Day 2021)

PANAGINIP LANG PALA . Musika at liriko ni Simon Isagani

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