Pilya Blog magazine creates an exclusive SUBENIR for the 20th year Anniversary celebration of Mindanao Solid Group Hamburg e.V. and the Search for “Mutya ng Silangan 2019” on 21st September 2019 at ID-Diamond Eventlocation. We are really fascinated by the colorful Mindanao ethnic costumes worn by the candidates, performers and guests. That´s truly a Filipino vibe! CONGRATULATIONS to all Winners of “Mutya Ng Silangan 2019”. You´re all Pilyamazing! Maraming, maraming salamat po. Sponsored by CORA LEMBKE. Vielen dank. Maraming, maraming salamat po. Photography by Maria Ces Seidel

Happy 20th Anniversary!!!

The Candidates of “Mutya Ng Silangan 2019” with Philippine Ambassador Maria Theresa Dizon-De Vega, Juliet QB Sarceda Felgentreff,  Danny Domingo (emcee), Cora Lembke, Vangie Rebot Jorquia and judges.

Mindanao Solid Group – Hamburg e.V. is a non-government organization which was founded on September 24, 1999, in Germany.  It is an organization founded by professional Filipino Expats who are living in Hamburg, Germany. This organization was registered by a priest, the Consulate of Philippines Embassy and by the said Filipino expats. These Filipinos came from all over the Philippines, most especially from those who came from Mindanao.

The Mindanao Solid Group Hamburg e.V. with Philippine Ambassador Maria Theresa Dizon-De Vega

The Mindanao Solid Group – Hamburg e.V. works together with different agencies and institutions like the German Seamen Mission, the Philippine Embassy in Berlin and other authorities, to reach out Filipinos who are in need of help. This group focuses on community service, sports, promoting Filipino culture and tradition as well as visiting jails and hospitals. There are already lots of Filipinos here in Germany and in and outside the Philippines who were helped by this awesome organization.


IMG_1189.jpgThis organization started with 25 members and officers who were helping Filipinos who were jailed and were detained in prison as well as those Filipinos who were hospitalized and needed help from the community. They later attended Filipinos festivity and showcased Philippine folk dances especially the folk dances from Mindanao, like Singkil dance.

Eventually, the services are extended to helping the Filipinos who have problems staying in Germany and other parts of Europe. They also communicate with the families of the Filipinos who are in need of financial and moral support.

The mission of Mindanao Solid Group-Hamburg e.V. is to help Filipinos outside the Philippines especially to those seafarers who get stranded and in bad condition. They are giving moral support, medical, financial as well as legal assistance when it is needed in the situation.
Furthermore, they are promoting Filipino culture and tradition by participating in different kinds of cultural festivities in and outside Germany. Mindanao Solid Group is creating a good relationship with the other Filipino communities in Germany by participating in many events like Santacruzan, Christmas party and many other community services.

During this 20th anniversary celebration of the Mindanao Solid Group-Hamburg e.V., there was a beauty contest for the search of “Mutya ng Silangan 2019”. The program was not only very fascinating but also very colorful due to the vibrant and beautiful designs of every Mindanao ethnic costumes worn by the contestants, guests, dancers and other performers of the said event.

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Singkil or Muslim Dance  

Singkil is also called a “Muslim Dance” which is not only danced by the Maranaos but also by the people of Maguindanao. Singkil means to entangle the feet from disturbing objects like vines and any other thing that hinders when walking. Furthermore, it got its name from the heavy ornamental rings around the ankle worn by the abducted princess.

Clothes used in Singkil Dance


Singkil costumes are very colorful. The clothes are the traditional costumes of the Maranao and Maguindanao people. They are very ornamental and very intricate with lots of creativity from the people who designed them. This creativity is shown in this Muslim dance.

The female lead dancer (the princess) wears a traditional Maranao long dress. It is made of silk or cotton. They are decorated with metallic thread embroidery, pearls, sequins and long multi color beads. The headdress or the crown is made of silk and brass and decorated with tassels as well as dangling beads. She uses fans as accessories which are made of bamboos and decorated with applications. She wears flat ornamented Arabian pointed shoes and a ring around her ankle.

The male lead dancer (the prince) wears a colorful long silk shirt decorated with metallic golden threads and a matching long pants which has the same or similar decoration of the shirt. He wears a huge metal necklace and a knotted cap decorated with gold embroidery. He has an ornamental shield made of wood in his hand and a traditional Maranao sword called Kris.

The slave girl, who is called Mag-Asik wears a long loose cotton dress with beads and appliques ornament. She wears a Malong across her body. Her umbrella is adorned with an embellished Maranao traditional embroidery and some beads and tassels. She is barefooted. 

Thank you very much ladies, you`re all Pilyamazing!

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