IT’S FLOWER POWER at Galleri Movitz, Stockholm! ORANGE IS THE HAPPIEST COLOR!  On May 31, 2019, PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE joined the Art Exhibition of the Asian Women Artists in Europe with Helen Svendgaard, Aya Sunga Askert, Mayline Blomberg, Maria Nanette Del Rosario and Emelia W. Eklund. CONGRATULATIONS, ladies! Pilya Blog Magazine is assigned to create an exclusive SUBENIR for this event. The Five Women Artists are the cover of the SUBENIR with 48 white pages. Photography by Maria Ces Seidel That’s really Pilyamazing! Maraming, maraming salamat po.

Welcome to the Five Women Art Exhibition at Galleri Movitz in Stockholm, Sweden. These five women artists are Filipino expats living in Europe. They are Helen Svendgaard, Aya Sunga Askert, Mayline Tano Blomberg, Nanette del Rosario and Emelia W. Eklund. They are all very talented in their own passion for arts. I have not met them personally but I have seen some of their paintings, sculptures, assemblage and photographs through social media. Without Pilya Blog Magazine and its publisher, Maria Ces Seidel, I would not hear about them. I would say, I would not be able to write about them.

Before I write about these excellent and brilliant artists, I should say that the Vernissage started on May 31, 2019  at 5:30 p.m. at Galleri Movitz. The exhibition ends on June 6, 2019.

Helen Svendgaard is a Filipino artist who lives in Stockholm and is a co-founder of the Filipino Artists Association of Sweden. She is a therapist in the psychiatric department and coordinator. Painting and photography are her greatest interests. She paints with oil and acrylic colors but oil paint is her favorite.

The beauty of nature gives her an inspiration in all her paintings. Like many other painters, her paintings depend on her emotions. Sometimes, after a few weeks of painting, she has to start from scratch again as the finished product is not really what she wanted. Sometimes, it happens that she paints nonstop for 8 hours a day when she is off from work. That is the time when she is so inspired in painting. She has a painting hanging on her wall at home which she doesn’t like to sell. I think, it is that beautiful one I have seen on fb, posted by Maria Ces Seidel.

“I would like to say that my favorite artist is  Karl Höglund ( Swedish artist). He paints with strong colors and his paintings make me smile every time I look at them.”–Helen Svendgaard 

My point of view as a writer, Helen’s art is beautiful, as colorful and vibrant as the source of her inspiration which is nature. Seeing her landscapes and abstract paintings online gives me a feeling to have them all and put them on my walls.
Emelia W. Eklund is a Filipino living in Stockholm, Sweden. Her art is photography. Together with Helen  Svendgaard, she started the fb group, Asian Women Artists in Europe.
Before Emelia W. Eklund moved to Sweden, she has lived in England for 18 years. She had worked in a restaurant and dry cleaning establishment while she was studying as a nurse. After graduation, she moved to Sweden and worked in home care, then worked as an under nurse later in Stockholm. Then as a nurse, she worked for an agency in different nursing homes around Stockholm. She then studied Chiropodist before she started working in Footwise Chiropody Clinic in Östermalm/Gärdet. She is now working with 3 other professionals in an established clinic. She enjoys not only working alone but also with other colleagues.
Emelia loves traveling to different countries and is fascinated by the beauty of nature, the climate and the environment of the country she is traveling to. She loves visiting botanical gardens, actually, the highlights of her travel. She loves the wilderness and capturing the beauty of nature through her camera lens and share the photos with others online. Her main interest in photography is flowers and landscapes.
” Admiration in flowers does not have to include knowing their names. …The most important thing is that seeing the beauty and feeling the joy while looking”—Emelia W. Eklund  
Aya Sunga Askert is a Filipino conceptual assemblage artist, sculpturist and a poet living in Stockholm, Sweden. She is the co-founder and chairman of the Filipino Artists Association of  Sweden. She is the literary editor of  Roots & Wings, an online magazine in Sweden. She has an fb page The Art of Aya where she portrays her paintings, sculptures and assemblage as well as her love of poetry writing and spoken poetry. One of her passions is dancing. She is a fitness dance instructor at  Zumba Instructor Network – ZIN.
Aya Sunga Askert has not only exhibited her art in Sweden but also at The Brick Lane Gallery in London, on the last weeks of March 2019. It was the ART IN MIND EXHIBITION where she not only exhibited her assemblage with butterflies but also portrayed some social issues through her pop art.
I love this artwork. It takes a lot of feminine intuition, having the Eiffel Tower as an inspiration to create such “alive golden torso” with the rough but beautiful golden horn of probably, an elk. In contrast, are those fragile but gorgeous butterflies flocking to and from the torso. They seem to lead my attention to the torso, not just once but daily anew.
“Gaze into my soul
venture into my mind
and when you find
the deepest crevice
of my thoughts
linger there
let your finger trace 
the contour of my passions
let your tongue
drench my musings
then penetrate me 
with your sweetest words
I beg you
Explore me”

This is the most romantic poem I have read from a fellow Filipina. I have nothing to say. Just, AWESOME!

Maria Nanette del Rosario “Netty” is one of the Filipino artists who is also living in Stockholm, Sweden. She is a self-taught painter and a sketch artist who paints beautiful abstract paintings with the use of charcoal,  acrylic colors and with a combination of clay as a part of her artwork. She is inspired by the beauty of nature and her surroundings. Her specialty is drawing with the use of charcoal.  Her drawing of Modesty Blaise is one of the beautiful charcoal drawings I have seen from her besides her drawing of a cute puppy and a frightening lion.

Maria Nanette del Rosarios´ interest in drawing and sketching has started when she was at a young age. This passion of her has given her a peaceful, comfortable and creative mind as a child. Her art is her escape from the real world. Later, she pursued her passion by studying Digital Fine Arts at the University of the Philippines.
Mayline Tano Blomberg is a Filipino registered nurse who has worked in the Philippines and an artist who lives in Stockholm, Sweden.  Like her fellow women artists I have mentioned above, she has a passion of her own. She is a self-taught photographer and a nature lover. She uses a digital SLR camera and a drone for capturing the archipelagos and the stunning sceneries of both aerial and close up shots. She loves traveling, enjoying the beauty of nature while sailing and making a day cruise with her friends and family.
Photography is her passion. Her love of the sea, the deep blue ocean, the rising and setting of the sun are shown in her stunning photographs of all seasons. Her photography of a lovely swan is one of the best photographs I have seen from her. Sweden is a beautiful country and its nature is her inspiration.
As a working nurse in her home country Philippines, she took care of patients with different illnesses and needs, She believes that the beauty of nature has its healing power too besides the medical interventions. Her mission is to make people feeling good by sharing what her eyes can see through her love of photography.
Pilya blogger



Thank you very much. Maraming salamat po.

Maria Ces Seidel, photographer and publisher of Pilya Blog Magazine. Please contact me if you wish to be published with us.



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