Happy Valentine’s Day 2022!

Cover Girl: Lotis B. Uy-Sola DDM of Sola Dental Clinic, Davao City

HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY 2022! “Can’t Smile Without You” is the theme of our Valentine’s Day February 2022 issue. THE DENTIST IS IN! “I think female by nature are gifted with being caring and compassionate towards others. Most of the patients preferred lady dentist because most of them would think we are friendly, caring, gentle easy to talk to and will surely give you the best Dental treatment and advice.” – Lotis B. Uy-Sola DDM of Sola Dental Clinic, Davao City, Cover Girl

“Can’t Smile Without You” Valentine’s Day February 2022 is available on February 11, 2022. Pre-order Now!


Lotis B. Uy-Sola DDM is the Cover Girl. It includes GFF e.V., 85th Birthday celebration of Sister Francis, Birthday celebration of Josephine Espiritu-Zettl PLUS MORE. The price includes shipping to Germany only.


“I LOVE MY DENTIST”. Dr. Lotis B. Uy-Sola tells us all.

“Akala mo lang wala, pero meron, meron, meron!” BAD BREATH is generally cause by poor Oral hygiene and bacteria inside the mouth. The food that we ate which isn’t properly removed and gets stuck between our teeth will eventually lead to plaque, gum disease or gingivitis and tooth decay. So it’s a must to properly brush, floss and rinse well every after meal.

“Huli man daw at magaling.” WISDOM TOOTH is the last tooth to come out into the back of our mouth. It usually starts to erupt at age 17. Sometimes the person feels pain, swelling on the area and difficulty in opening the mouth and others may feel nothing at all, it is called asymptomatic. But when pain or infection happens, the dentist will request for a panoramic x-ray to check on the said tooth and would advice it to be removed to avoid further complications.

Sugar Away, Iwas Tooth Decay”. NUTRITION is one of the biggest factors in a healthy Oral environment, so choose to eat what is healthy and good for the body. Remember our food pyramid. Add more food that has calcium to your daily intake and lessen your carbohydrates and sugary foods to avoid tooth decay.

Dr. Lotis B. Uy-Sola and family

“It’s a great honor for me to be the Cover Girl of the Valentine’s Day February 2022 issue of Pilya Blog Magazine. Thank you very much, Pilya Blog Magazine and to Maria Ces Seidel, Publisher. A BIG THANKS to my Schwesterchen Frau Bellie Uy Kirschner for introducing me to Pilya Blog Magazine, the fabulous Lifestyle Magazine in Germany. Truly, a great honor to have such experience! Thank you too, to my family who supported me all the way, my husband Dr. Emmanuel T. Sola Jr., my sons Euwee and Luis for helping me out with the technical side. my nephew, Jaffy Uy Quiambao for the fantastic outdoor shots and editing of photos taken at the Crocodile Park, Davao City. Miss Che for my HMU. And to all of my families, both Sola and Uy and friends, my Dental friends and family in the Church (FUMC Obrero) who stood beside us especially during this trial time of pandemic. ” – Dr. Lotis B. Uy-Sola

“It is with great pleasure to be a part of Pilya Blog Magazine. I hope everyone is well and safe together with your loved ones while reading this Valentine’s Day issue. I’m truly honored tor each each and everyone and touched lives through this magazine. I hope I’ve shared something that will benefit everyone. HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY! Enjoy your Valentine’s Day and let us pray that this pandemic will end so we can fully enjoy life outside our comfort zones. Keep safe everyone and hope you can visit the Philippines soon. GOD BLESS YOU ALL.” – Dr. Lotis B. Uy-Sola



“My Friend, Da Who Are You”? Written by MRS. PUNK ROCK CIELITO’S #EBIGAN BOOK. Art by JERICATURES.

To my behalf 💞 Happy Valentine’s Day ❤ You are my rock .. thank you for your unconditional love and always besides me when I needed you most ❤ Happy hearts day to our Pilya Blog Magazine’s Publisher, Maria Ces Seidel ❤💐 more power and success wishing you ❤💐😊-Bamboo Filipino Magkabalikat, facebook

Birthday celebration of Josephine Espiritu-Zettl of Mary Kay Cosmetics in Munich

85th Birthday celebration of Sister Francis in Abtei Maria Frieden in Zapfendorf

Introducing our new subscriber, the German-Filipino Friendship e.V. from Kiel, Germany. Vielen dank, GFF!


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Kirschner Photostar
Bles Chavez-Bernstein
Sven Thorsten-Ihde
Bayong Republic Germany
Thank you very much, Mike and Maria Renker of Talk Alley.

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Happy Chinese New Year 2022! Kung hei fat choi. Wishing you luck, love, and health this Chinese New Year. Thank you very much to UY FAMILY from Germany and Davao, Philippines. Thank you very much to Mrs. Bellie Uy-Kirschner, Mrs. Daisy Uy-Quiambao, Mrs. Helen Uy-Schweinheim, Dr. Lotis Uy-Sola and families.

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