LAKBAY-DIWA:KAILAN KAYA, DURIAN? PILYA BLOG Magazine’s theme for our TRAVEL BLOG, June 2021 is “Lakbay-Diwa: Kailan Kaya Durian? LAKBAY-DIWA MEANS TO DREAM DEEPLY or apart your soul from physical self to go from one place to another. And our dream destination this time is DAVAO where we meet the durian lovers. Mrs. Daisy Uy Quiambao is the COVER GIRL of PILYA BLOG Magazine’s “Lakbay Diwa: Kailan Kaya Durian” June 2021.

THE DAISY LADY OF DAVAO AND MANGOES, KING OF THE FRUITS. Class, ano ang Pambansang Prutas ng Pilipinas? Sagot: Mangga Ang mangga ay may iba’t-ibang uri ngunit sila’y hugis-puso. Kapag hilaw, ito ay kadalasang pinaglilihian ng mga Maria. Isasawsaw sa asin o bagoong may sili. Kung hinog naman ay ang kadalasang panghimagas sa hapag-kainan o ginagawang ice candy. Ang mangga ay maraming benepisyo sa katawan-pampakinis ng balat, pampatalas ng mata o pampabawas ng timbang. Ang mangga sa Pilipinas ay sadyang kilala o popular at binebenta sa buong mundo.

Video courtesy of Mrs. Daisy Uy Quiambao

KILALANANIN NATIN ANG “MANGO DAISY LADY OF DAVAO”. “My name is Daisy Uy Quiambao. I am 65 years old. I live in Davao City, Philippines. I have three children, two boys and a girl. I am the sister of Bellie Uy Kirschner of Kirschner Reisen, Germany. Our “Uy Family” owns a Mango Farm in Davao. I usually spend time with my family at home, watching telenovelas, sing-along with karaoke songs or strolling along the beach with my daughter and granddaughter. Spending time with my children is one thing I will never regret. Time spent with my family is worth every second. Davao has man-made and natural attractions that you can visit and enjoy. We have Davao Crocodile Park, Philippine Eagle Foundation, River Front Butterfly House, various parks and resorts. The tourists and mostly our visitors are telling us that Davao is such a blessed place because we have many different types of fruits like guyabano, santol, atis, lanzones, macopa, dragon fruits, guava and pomelo. Davao is really known for pomelo. Pomelo is tastiest fruit in Davao.”

15.05.2021. Happy 65th Birthday, Mrs. Daisy Uy Quiambao!

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Daisy Uy Quiambao from Davao City is the Cover Girl. “Lakbay-Diwa…” is a travel blog.


Please visit, https://tourism.davaocity.gov.ph/ and explore the city.


Altered Reality

On April 16, 2019, “Altered Reality” Band was founded by Tony Peralta. His real purpose is to blend local talent with foreign land talent who are based in Davao. According to Tony, their music is best described as Art Jazz with ska, reggae and rock. The group members are: Benny Echavia, Rannie Yu, Pastor Fred Cavan, Jose Antonio Mambaje, Don Gundaya, Zed Casiliana, Jay Vincent Ravinia and Tony Peralta. Altered Reality is supported by the European Chamber of Commerce and the Japanese Chamber of Commerce of Mindanao.

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When The Doves Cry: June Bride Written by Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito Illustrated by Jericatures

THE DAISY LADIES (Happy Mother’s Day 2021)

KAPIHAN SA MAYO UNO (Happy Labor Day 2021)


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