LUB DUB, DUB LUB…Wow! ang galing ng heartbeat ni Titser!

Class, alam n’yo ba ang mga benepisyo ng pakikinig ng Jazz? Ito’y pampababa ng B…! “Baha!” Hindi,ng BP, Blood Pressure!

Class, POKUS! “Hocus-Pokus!” Hindi, ito’y pampatalas ng memorya. Dyan ka siguro ipinangalan ng nanay mo, McCoy kaya makinig ka!”

Class, ang Jazz ay nagmamasahe ng utak! “Yikes!” Nakakabawas ng “anxiety” pag-aalala “Huh!?” o pagkabalisa! “Oh nooo!” Raise your hands kung nakapakinig na kayo ng Jazz? “Titserrrr (raising their hands) may we go out? Nagbell na po, UWIAN NA!!!

by Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito for Pilya Blog Magazine


MEET THE FAB JAZZ BAND. From left to right. Edelito Querol, Julian Lee Vasquez, Dr. Alfredo Fabular, Francisco Vasquez, Emma Lyn Rabia, Kindred Alfred Fabular, Chad Kevin Fabular, Benito Echavia, Noven Bravo

“We are the Fab Jazz. A group of old but gold friends from Tagum and Davao City. We’re now reunited with our younger generation, Dr. Alfredo’s sons and Francis’ grandson with high hopes to promote Jazz music not just in our region but in our country as well.”

Edelito- bassist***Julian- vocals***Alfredo- rhythm***Franciso – keys***Emma- vocals*** Kindred- vocals*** Chad- drums*** Benito- guitar***Noven- saxophone

The Fab Jazz Band
The Fab Jazz Band

The Fab Jazz Band

“In these crucial times, music has been our sanity and way to relax and unwind. With this mindset, we would also love to share it to people for them to experience soothing music.” We dream to have a CD album and concert, of course, with safety measures against COVID-19.

“To everyone who likes our music, we invite you to like our Facebook page, Fab Jazz. We post videos weekly and hold live streaming, too. We encourage you to share donations for the senior citizen musicians of our band. Thank you!”

Bank Account: Asia United Bank (AUB)

Philippine Peso Savings Account : 328110006963 AUB

PayPal: Account name: alfredo fabular


Malipayong Pasko ug Bulahang Bag-ong tuig!

We thank our families and supporters for believing in our talents. We thank Ms. Ces Seidel, the publisher of Pilya Blog Magazine and Bellie Kirschner for noticing us, or this opportunity, and for including us in your Christmas Special December 2020 issue. Most especially, we thank God for this blessing of a lifetime. Hello to all people of different nationalities, gender, age, races! Experience a luxurious atmosphere by listening to our music. Hope you’ll join us! Feel free to send us song requests because we’ll do our best to perform a cover! God bless, stay safe, and have a Merry Christmas!“- The Fab Jazz band is also included in our December Universe Christmas Special 2020. It’s coming soon! Abangan!

Photos and Videos courtesy of Dr. Alfredo Fabular and Fab Jazz Band

Sponsored by Mrs. Bellie Kirschner of Kirschner Reisen Link: SUMMER NOSTALGIA:BAKAS NG LUMIPAS AUGUST 2020

Blogger/Interviewer: Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito/Ces Seidel

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