20.03.2020. Happy Birthday, Jessica Shayne!  May you have more birthdays to come and happier moments to share with us coz you’re Pilyamazing entertainer too!

“BAYANIHAN” IS NOW AVAILABLE! Now is the time to read without missing home.
NONE OF US IS AS SMART AS ALL OF US. THE “BAYANIHAN” SPIRIT IN GERMANY IS DEFINITELY ALIVE! Bayanihan refers to the spirit of communal unity, work and cooperation to achieve a particular goal. JESSICA SHAYNE is the COVER GIRL of PILYA BLOG Magazine’s “BAYANIHAN” April 2020 issue. That’s really Pilyamazing! Abangan! It’s coming soon!
Photography by Maria Ces Seidel
Location: Hotel Bayerischer Hof (Munich)

“BAYANIHAN” April 2020 issue

Jessica Shayne is the COVER GIRL of Pilya Blog Magazine's "Bayanihan" April 2020 issue.


PILYA BLOG Magazine joined the Dance Party Event of Jessica Shayne plus the band at the Night Club on 6th of March 2020 and we felt the earth moved with so much fun and excitement on the dance floor. WE HAD A BLAST!!! Thank you very much Shayne and the band for the wonderful music. YOU’RE REALLY PILYAMAZING! 

WHO IS JESSICA SHAYNE? Jessica Shayne is a professional singer for 17 years now and who is half American half Filipino, born and raised in the exotic land of Philippines. In 2018, she joined X-Factor and from there on, she is creating waves among the community events of Filipinos and local gigs.
FOR BOOKING, please contact Jessica Shayne. Email: jsdanan20@gmail.com Instagram: stitchmeup


Thelma Alberts, Pilya blogger.

 Bayanihan Comfort Foods: Salu-Salo Pamilya Espesyal by Thelma Alberts

Menu: Pork Adobo, Longsilog, Binignit and Mango Ice Cream

Asian-German Association (AGA) Faschingsparty 2020

Faschingsumzug Rohr in Niederbayern and Essing. Special Thanks to Bernie Pirthauer.

Maraming, maraming salamat po!

Jessica Shayne with “BAYANIHAN”
Maria Ces Seidel, Publisher of Pilya Blog Magazine

Maria Ces Seidel is wearing “CECILIA” (a set of drop earrings and necklace). This new Shineth Jewelry Collection is designed by Molina Bansil Ohlsson and painted by Helen Svendgaard, a well-known Filipina artist in Sweden. You´ll be lucky to own even just a piece of her masterpiece. Model: Michelle Bausin Photography by Maria Ces Seidel. We can engrave your picture on a surface that make your own jewelry unique.
Price is 70,00 Euro (a set of earrings and necklace) including delivery in all EU countries only. You can see the entire collection, click here.

20.03.202020. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! YOU’RE SIMPLY THE BEST! At Dance Party im Nightclub des Bayerischen Hofs with Jessica Shayne.

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