AT WIPFELD WEINLAUBE. I get weak in a glance
Isn’t this what’s called romance?
Oh, I’ll be found
When I am lost…
And I feel my spirits rise
And soar like the wind…
I just fell, don’t know why
Something’s there we can’t deny…
And when I first knew
Was when I first looked at you
I don’t mind not knowing what I’m heading for
You can take me to the skies…
It’s like being lost in heaven
When I’m lost…

THE OLDER THE GRAPES THE SWEETER THE WINE. On July 8, 2017, Pilya Blog Magazine joined the 20th Wedding Anniversary Party of Janette and Gerry. It was a surprise party for Janette whose husband, Gerry arrived that morning from America to join us. Both are teary-eyed but very happy to see their family and friends to celebrate with them. Congratulations, Janette and Gerry! Thank you very much Mhar and Niela for the invitation. You did a Grape job! That was a PILYAMAZING surprise party! Auf Wiedersehen, unsere Freunde. We found love in Wipfeld!


Wipfeld is a municipality in the district of Schweinfurt in Bavaria, Germany.


Happy 20th Wedding Anniversary, Janette and Gerry! Cheers!


ANG MGA DIWATA NG UBASAN – Lea, Rowena, Eva, Diana at Josie.


ONE HAPPY FAMILY.  Have a Grape Day!

Nobody can be uncheered with a balloon.


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