Amor Grafe, Cover Girl

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year too! Pilya Blog Magazine is dedicating the Christmas Special December 2022 issue to EVERY woman in the world. Women’s health DOES matter! On this issue, we talk about women’s reproductive health. Amor Grafe is the Owner/Proprietor of AVAIL Beauty Germany. Amor Grafe, ovarian cancer survivor shares her story to inform and inspire us. Christmas Special December 2022 Issue is coming soon! Don’t miss it! Abangan!

Amor Grafe, Cover Girl

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This is my story – Amor Grafe

In January 2020 I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer “Dysgerminoma”. I didn’t really think that simple dysmenorrhea every month is one of the signs that there is something wrong inside me, on my reproductive organ. Since I was 12 years old, every month, every time I started my monthly period (menstruation) I had dysmenorrhea until I went to college, got married and had children. Every 1st day of my menstruation I used to be absent from school and also from work. They say that it will disappear after giving birth which is in my case not true.

Dysmenorrhea is just a part of my story. From 12 years old too, it was the start that pantyliners, if I am not mistaken, were known via TV advertisements. I don’t know if I’m the only one who doesn’t know that pantyliners need to be changed at least twice a day. Because I’ve been using one pad of pantyliner for a whole day. No one educated or informed me about that. I just use it as my daily use. When I get home I take it off or once before going to bed and or freshening up at night. I feel very comfortable wearing pantyliners everyday, especially when I am at work all day. I’ve been used to it for 26 years.

To make the story short, I came to the point where I menstruated for 3 months and then 3 months without in a year for 3 consecutive years. So, I came to the point to see my OBGyne at the place where I live for a check up and then she found that I have multiple Myoma.  She said that the Myoma are very small and I shouldn’t worry, it will go away on its own. But since it continues, I went to Cebu to have the same check up the next year and came out with the same results. So, nothing said that I would undergo an operation or there was no medicine given to me to take to get rid of the MYOMA. Only when I am in pain, can I take paracetamol as a pain reliever. So, life goes on as it is for me.

Late 2019, I was here in Germany at that time when I noticed that I have a bloated stomach and when I touched it, I felt something hard inside. Then I observed, I always have constipation, abdominal swelling, frequent urination and most of all I suffered fatigue 24 hours before my 1st menstruation. I am also in pain 1 week prior to menstruation and 1 week after menstruation and menstruation days are longer like 7 days. During menstruation days, the blood flow was different than before (malalaking dugo na parang atay sa manok ang laki), heavy menstruation or prolonged vaginal bleeding.

I was in that situation for 3 months without much sleep due to pelvic pain. I couldn’t handle the pain and didn’t respond to paracetamol anymore until I got back to the Philippines for a vacation.

Right after my arrival, I was immediately hospitalized and had my check up and laboratory tests. There they found that I have an enlarged retroverted uterus with multiple intramural Myomas. Before I had the surgery, my stomach grew to the size of an 8-9 month pregnant woman.

With the above situation, my OB and I decided for an immediate operation called TAH BSO Total Abdominal Hysterectomy and Bilateral Salpingo-Oophorectomy

Salpingo-oophorectomy. The surgeon removes one or both ovaries and fallopian tubes.

Total Hysterectomy. The surgeon removes your ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, and cervix.

 During the operation to my doctor’s surprise, they found inside that my left ovary is bigger than the normal size and the color is brownish-blackish while the normal color is pinkish. In which my husband and my family decided as per advice by my doctors, a total removal of both ovaries. The doctor said it might be cancer and if the left ovary is not removed, the cancer cells will spread and my body might not be able to handle another operation just in case.

As per Histopathological Diagnosis, I have OVARIAN CANCER (Ovarian Germ Cell Tumor) Stage 1. Cancer Type: DYSGERMINOMA

Right after the operation and the diagnosis, I submitted myself for a possible series of therapy. But with God’s grace, an answered prayer, my CT SCAN results were good and they found no reason for me to undergo chemotherapy. Only that I have to make sure to take all advice seriously and to follow them strictly.

During our discussions, one of the questions to me from my doctor was, how many years have I been using a pantyliner?

I was surprised by his question because in the first place he didn’t know that I was using a pantyliner for a very long time.  And I asked him why. So I learned from him and as to my further research, common cause of OC Dysgerminoma as per scientific studies and reports,  FACTORS RELATED TO THE DEVELOPMENT OF OVARIAN CANCER is Hygienic perineal talc.

Because talc is related to asbestos, it has been implicated as a cause of ovarian cancer. Besides the chemical similarities between talc and asbestos, cosmetic talcum powder and talcum powder in feminine hygiene sprays or in sanitary napkins has been suggested as a risk factor. Conceptually, talcum powder applied to the perineum can reach the ovaries via retrograde flow.

Maybe if someone had educated me or if someone had told me maybe I wouldn’t get cancer from using ordinary pads. It’s sad to think that I’m still at a productive age but I’m already in the menopausal stage. I was 38 years old at that time, which is 12 years earlier than the usual age of women who have reached the menopause stage.

I was given many different kinds of vitamins to drink to protect me from getting tired easily and above all, I have gone through menopause to prevent early osteoporosis, dryness and wrinkles on the skin, it takes life time, so I drink it as my maintenance. But my stomach can’t take it, the size and quantity make me nauseous. I immediately stopped drinking after 2 months. And since I can’t live without a pantyliner, I researched on the internet what I can use and that’s where I found FC Bio Sanitary Pads by AVAIL.

Amor Grafe, Cover Girl

Before I used the FC Bio Sanitary Pads, I informed my doctor if he was okay with me using them and he told me that he heard many people using those herbal pads.

So I used it everyday and to be more sure of myself I read all the reviews, laboratory results from different countries and the content of how it was made and the ingredients of FC Bio Sanitary Pads.

And for more than 2 years now, I am CANCER FREE with FC Bio Sanitary Pads and AVAIL Chlorophyll. These two are my daily partners to make myself fit, energetic, pain free, beautiful, glowing, no dryness and no wrinkles. I am one of the thousands of users and have been helped by FC Bio Sanitary Pads that bring amazing healing wonders not only to women but also to men.

And because I am AVAIL. I am one of the living proofs and I know so well how much it costs to treat cancer, I know the emotional stress and depression it causes to the patient and their loved ones. And this is where I realized, the pain I went through was a tool for me to help more, especially in the health, in the reproductive health of women. I felt that the Lord had a purpose why even though I got cancer and HE made me survived because I still have something to do and that was the start that I founded the SAVE WOMEN SAVE LIVES campaign (WOMEN’S REPRODUCTIVE HEALTH ADVOCACY) that I can integrate with FC Bio Sanitary Pads of AVAIL.

AVAIL is not just a business for me. This is a mission to help everyone not only with our health but it can be turned into an income or business that can be done by anyone and anywhere. If the product is good that’s where the business comes in. I choose AVAIL because it’s a business with heart.

We dropship your order. Get GIFTS delivered directly to your loved ones on her birthday, this Christmas and on your anniversary. Have a healthy present because HEALTH is our GREATEST WEALTH. Want to enjoy a big discount or want to become an AVAIL FC BIO SANITARY PAD DISTRIBUTOR?  Feel free to contact us anytime for a product and  business orientation. You can also know more about us, visit our website: or FB Page: @availbeautyde 

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