No matter your face shape
round, oval, square, heart or long — there will be haircuts that look best on you, and a few that aren’t flattering (unless you’re an oval, in which case you look good in practically everything.

Oval Face

The length of your face is about one and a half times its width. Your forehead slightly wider than your chin. Round: You have prominent (perhaps chubby) cheeks, and the length and width of your face are about equal. Square: You have a prominent jaw and square chin.

Best Haircut

You will look your best with layers falling right on your chin and cheekbones. But, if you want to sport a pixie cut, learn a few tricks to sport it . And a few more hairstyles to go for include blunt bang and bob with side bangs.

Haircuts to avoid

If you are considering your facial features, then those with large noses should steer away from center-parting. If you have a high forehead then you must go for bangs with a side parting tucked behind your ear.

Round Face

You have prominent (perhaps chubby) cheeks, and the length and width of your face are about equal. A shoulder-dusting cut with long layers elongates your face. Strong, straight-across bangs enhance cheekbones.

Best Haircut

Layered bangs suit the bill because they delude others by taking weight off your face and offset your roundness. If you are going for a short haircut, make sure these give height to your face.

Haircuts to avoid

You must stay away from cuts that add volume to your cheeks. The idea is to give your face a slender dimension by stealing the volume off your round face. Keep away from center parting as these accentuate your roundness.

Oblong Shape

Oblong is often confused with oval, however this shape is slightly longer and not as wide. You may also have a pointy chin.

Best Haircut

Bangs are your best friends, just keep the sides and front hair shorter. You can also opt for chin length bob cuts and curls and waves that add width to your face. If you have long hair, start the layers below your chin.

Haircuts to avoid

To avoid your face length to be highlighted and drag it further below, it is better you keep miles away from long, straight cuts; also avoid pixie cuts for it will make the squared out features of your face come in the limelight.

Square Shape

You have a prominent jaw and square chin. Your forehead and jaw line are approximately the same width. Shoulder-length cut with layers from chin to collarbone softens a strong jaw, side swept bangs minimize a wide forehead. The flowing hair keeps the focus away from your jaw line which is the widest part of your face. If you have short hair, keep it curly and rounded. You can go dramatic with the bangs as this will keep the focus at the top of your head.

Best Haircut

Layers and razored ends are the best for your face type because they will balance out the boxiness of your face and the dramatic jaw line. It will also make your face look deceivingly longer. So, keep your hair long and flowy. But, if you have short hair, keep them curly and rounded to avoid highlighting the defined and bold edges of your face.

Haircuts to avoid

You should avoid a blunt-cut bang, or angled bob cut because these tend to accentuate your broad chin and forehead.

Heart Shape

Try a pixie to play up your eyes and cheekbones. Or a long bob with a few long layers. Both your forehead and your cheekbones are wide. You have a narrow jaw and pointy chin.

Best Haircut

To create an illusion and shrink the broad forehead, it is best if you go for a haircut that adds volume to your hair and is flowy towards the chin. For instance, chin-length bob cut and side swept bangs.

Haircuts to avoid

Since you already have a wide forehead, avoid hairstyles that will make your face top heavy and chin even narrower. And, it is also safe to say that you must stay away from slicked-back ponytails for they will make your chin look even more fragile.

Diamond Shape

Both your forehead and your jaw line are narrow with your cheekbones being the widest part of your face. A diamond face is quite close to oval shape. The only thing is to reduce the angularity. You have to go soft and rounded with the hair and avoid stark layers.

Best Haircut

Side-swept fringes are a perfect choice that highlight terrific cheekbones and chiselled jaw line. However, if your face is pointed, you can balance it out with a bob cut with fullness at the nape.

Haircuts to avoid

You can keep away from short bangs. It will make your face look longer and highlight the angles.

Rectangle Shape

Rectangle faces are about one and a half times longer than they are wide. The cheeklines running from temple to jawline are straight. The jaw line has definition to it. They are very similar to the oblong shape, but have an angular jaw line.

Best Haircut

Add width with curls or body at your temples and cheek bones, Short or fringed bangs Part your hair off center or to the side Pull hair back, instead of up Long hair should add width at your neckline with curls or layers.

Haircuts to avoid

Avoid parting your hair down the center. Avoid adding volume at the crown of your head Avoid long hair without any body or volume added to the sides. Avoid angular cuts. Avoid extremely short hair.

Triangle Face

The triangle face can also be known as the pear shaped face. The widest point on the triangle face shape is the jaw line. Triangle face’s have narrow forehead compared to any other point on the face.

Best Haircut

Bangs should be short, full and have volume or expose forehead with long whispy bangs sweapt to the side, or held back using a headband or clips, Part hair to the side, or zip zagged Use styles that will add some height and width to the temples and above Shag styles will compliment you well, Hair should be low volume(close to the head) at the jawline Stacked Cuts Tuck hair behind ears.

Haircuts to avoid

Avoid Center Parts : this will bring attention to the center of your face and make it appear taller.

Avoid Volume On The Very Top : Don’t add too much height at the crown, add to the temples instead.

Avoid Long Styles Full Of Volume : This draws attention to your jawline.

Coloring Hair Tips

First need to know Your Skin’s Complexion Cool Skin:

The recommended hair colors for this skin type must be lighter, such as platinum blond, white blond and light brown.

Warm Skin:

The hair color must not be too dark, so light ash brown or golden blond are the best choices. Highlights can be in beige blond or even golden-copper red.

Porcelain White Skin Complexion:

Warm copper, cinnamon browns and strawberry blond hair also do wonders in adding color to pale skin tones. Avoid black or very dark hair colors if you are extremely pale; otherwise you’ll end up looking paler and older than you really are.

Sun-Kissed Skin Complexion:

Any hair color, from dark brown to reddish. Avoid getting light-bleached hair. With a tan, you’ll easily look like a fake blond.

Natural Tan Skin Complexion:

What you can do to add a little flair to such great hair is to lighten the color to a warm brown shade, and add streaks of honey-colored highlights.

Reddish Skin Complexion:

You can counteract the redness of your skin by opting for light-brown hair colors with honey-colored highlights. Avoid hair colors that are too bright and overly bleached.

WARNING: Don’t color your hair by yourself. Ask your hairstylist to get your perfect color. After color, make sure you have maintenance at your home. Please visit your salon once or twice a month.

Ana Sahibul is a Hairstylist and Owner of SALON DE ANISAH. It is located at 409 Real Street Zapote Road Talon Uno Las Piñas City. Telephone: 099 531 05823. Facebook: pyse1012 Instagram: anaourstylist

Pilya Blog Magazine celebrates International Women’s Day 2021 with PILYA BLOG COVER CHALLENGE 2021 and SPRING IN GERMANY BY THELMA ALBERTS. Cover Girls Category: Fashion & Beauty Photography by Marc Driesen

FASHION IS PASSION. PASST SCHO! 5th Anniversary October 2020. Cover Girl: Amy Balbawang from Belgium

My name is Amy Balbawang. I am an authentic woman from Besao, Mountain Province. I am a strong woman. I’m not afraid to speak the truth and share my opinion. I listen but I never allow other people’s problems to bring me down. I’m filled with kindness, generosity and compassion. And no matter what, I am true to myself! And that’s exactly what an IGOROTA is.” – Amy Balbawang, Owner and Manager of Stylish Cordillera in Belgium. Amy Balbawang wears the traditional clothing of women from Besao, Mountain Province. She wears a white blouse and the “Pinagpagan”, a sort of tapis, a wrap-around skirt and is usually kept in place with a “bakget”, a piece of cloth about 7.5-10 cm wide, and tightly wound twice around the waist. MAKE THEM STARE, WEAR STYLISH CORDILLERA. Stylish Cordillera is an ETHNIC FASHION APPAREL which is made of Igorot inabel textiles. “Inabel” is the handwoven Cordilleran textiles. Handweaving textile is one of the most interesting crafts of the Philippines. The Ifugaos master the old age techniques, practice traditional weaving or “ikat” and create colorful design or pattern. Stylish Cordillera has a wide variety of ethnic clothing from face masks, accessories to men’s, women’s and children’s clothing.



facebook: amy.balbawang2504

facebook page: Stylish Cordillera

Instagram: stylishcordillera_official

December Universe Christmas Special 2020. Cover Girl: Mae Torres from Kiel

Mae Torres Kuberka is Mrs. Universe Germany 2020. She ranked No.8 from Mrs. Universe E-voting 2020. Thank you for your kind support, folks. Mae Torres is a Sales Representative from Kiel for ERGO Pro, Northern Germany. You MAE contact her mobile:+49 151 432 51012. Mae Torres is also one of the Organizers of “Pinay Runway EU 2021” and Founding President of German Filipino Friendship e.V., an association for cultural exchange between Germans and Filipinos in Kiel.

VALENTINE’S DIA FEBRUARY 2021 BLOG LIFE, LOVE AND LUST Cover Girl: Dia Matthes-Srinorakoot from Netherlands

Dia Matthes-Srinorakoot is Mrs. Universe Benelux 2020. She ranked No. 23 from Mrs. Universe E-voting 2020. Dia Matthes-Srinorakoot graduated with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Marketing in Thailand. She lives in Netherlands for 19 years now with her family and work in the elderly care homes. She is supporting older people to stay healthy during times of isolation and quarantine during the Coronavirus disease pandemic.

I am currently working as a volunteer for an organization nearby my hometown where I work for elderly people. As a beauty queen, I love to socialize and reach out to different kinds of people. I can easily adapt to situations and I am flexible in the way I work. I find working in elderly care homes enjoyable and rewarding. Each individual is unique and interesting. It’s not boring, the care needs of the elderly people change from day-to-day. I enjoy being with older people, talking and giving them positive vibes, helping them with activities of daily living, encouraging them that life is still worth living for despite the Corona pandemic. The elderly face anxiety because they live alone and far away from their families and they need social connection now more than ever. Caregiving might also be stressful and demanding but it increases my positive emotions and makes me happy. 

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