On April 22, 2017, Pilya Blog Magazine joined the 40th Birthday Celebration of Ms. Brenda Hergl. She is our COVER GIRL for August 2016 “For Art’s Sake” and Mrs. Liberato Foundation 2016. She is absolutely PILYAMAZING!


Happy Birthday to the 40 year old, who is strong, daring, sweet, loving, caring, helpful and fun. The celebrant looked stunning in a striking red hot gown. Now, that’s one hot mama! May you have more birthdays to come and wonderful moments to share such as these with Pilya Blog Magazine. Thank you very much, Brenda!


Make a wish, blow your candles!


Thank you very much to the families, friends and guests of Brenda. You’re all PILYAMAZING!


Lab, lab, lab! This event is included in our May 2017, the SEXY issue, “Kulambo Curls” with more photos. Abangan!


Live Music by Estrella Entertainment. That was superb!


 Pilya Blog Magazine Goes to Luxembourg “If The Shoe Fits”. Thank you very much, Mr. Manny Saldaña of Ms. TransEuro 2017.


My Pecking Order. Thank you very much, Tita Corrie Weires and friends for your selfies with Pilya Blog Magazine.


Labing Kutkutin. Thank you, lovely ladies in the house for your selfies with Pilya Blog Magazine. You’re all PILYAMAZING!


Mega Dot Curves. Thank you very much to our dear fiends and supporters, Mr. Robert Fröhlich, Ms. Marivic Laurente and Ms. Charito Pantoja. You’re all PILYAMAZING!


We are truly happy and blessed. Thank you to our new friends and readers. Watch out for the next blog of Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito with our very own singer, Danica Mae Miranda of DSDS 2017. Maraming, maraming salamat po.