VS Competition (Christmas Gala Night 2022 by FHE)

DA SUBENIR OF CHRISTMAS GALA NIGHT 2022 BY FABULOUS HEART EUROPE. MG Schenk graces the front cover and Michelle Gentner graces the back cover.


Congratulations, Fabulous Heart Europe! The mixture of brilliance, diligence and genuine efforts produces a successful event. Congratulations to all contestants on your wonderful Fashion Show. You truly did an excellent job. Sexiness is all about your personality, attitude and being genuine. Self-confidence is the biggest attraction for all. HEARTFELT CONGRATULATIONS TO YOU!!!

PILYA BLOG Magazine is the Official SUBENIR MAGAZINE of the Christmas Gala Night by Fabulous Heart Europe on December 10, 2022 in Best Western Plus Welcome Hotel Frankfurt. It is coming soon! Abangan!

THE JUDGES: Elsa Grefaldio Hauser, Marelyn Johe Frando, Mary Ann Aurelio Breitner, Tiffany Gerlach, Rolando Luceno and Maricris Edwards.

Photography by Maria Ces Seidel

The VS Competition

“Miss” Contestants

3RD RUNNER-UP Contestant #1 Kaila Kornjewski

2ND RUNNER-UP Contestant #2 Carla Eule

1ST RUNNER-UP Contestant #4 Jeremie Villamor

THE WINNER Contestant #3 Michelle Gentner

“Mrs.” Contestants

VS EXOTIC BEAUTY Contestant #1 Brenda Pangilinan

THIRD RUNNER-UP Contestant #2 Rosemarie Hofweber

VS CHARMING Contestant #3 Monalisa Feindel

VS DARLING OF THE CROWD Contestant #4 Fe Jopp

VS DARLING OF THE CROWD Contestant #5 Jocelyn Krämer

FIRST RUNNER-UP Contestant #6 Victoria Becker

SECOND RUNNER-UP Contestant #7 Joann Mina

VS DANCING QUEEN Contestant #9 Mandy Werhan

VS BODY BEAUTIFUL Contestant #10 Grace Ogada

VS FRIENDSHIP Contestant #11 Bibi Ost

VS CASUAL WEAR Contestant #12 Vilma Bella Schwietering

THE WINNER Contestant #8 MG Schenk

What’s next?

DA SUBENIR of the Christmas Gala Night by Fabulous Heart Europe

That’s really Pilyamazing! Tangkilikin po natin ang sariling atin. Check out our SUBSCRIPTION OFFER 7th ANNIVERSARY. Maraming salamat po.

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