On May 14, 2022, Pilya Blog Magazine joined the “Art & Beauty” Frühlings Festival Mary Kay Event at the Galerie Edition Camos in Munich. Hosted by its Owners, Dr. Walter & Josephine Espiritu-Zettl. It was a lovey day and well attended by good friends and clients of Mary Kay Cosmetic. Josephine Espiritu-Zettl is a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant and she showed us the best spring new beauty products, skin-care and make-up items. The ladies were thrilled by Josie’s demonstrations and made purchases for their choices. That’s really Pilyamazing! Congratulations, Josephine Espiritu-Zettl for a job well done! Photography by Ces Seidel

Josephine Espiritu-Zettl, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

SET GOALS AND FOLLOW THEM TRUE. “My name is Josephine Espitu-Zettl. I was born and raised in the Philippines. After my studies, I came to Germany where I live and work for more than thirty years in Munich. I met Mary Kay in 2002, that was 20 years ago. It was “before and after” make-up event in Munich where I participated. I was thrilled with make-up because I looked great! I asked Heike, the Mary Kay Consultant, spontaneously if I could also be a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant like her. Heike guided me from the start and we also became friends. I love the Mary Kay beauty products. Please visit my online shop: https://www.marykay.de/jocyespiritu. I enjoy introducing and getting to know new customers. Many of them we became abound and remained friends.

Despite many obstacles, I always have goal to be successful and I stick to my motto, “Set goals and follow them true.” In 2006, I became a Sales Director in Mary Kay. That was the highlight of my business career with Mary Kay and many thanks to my Team who are mostly Filipinas for their continuous support. I always believe “Team work makes a dream work.”

– Josephine Espiritu- Zettl, Mary Kay Beauty Consultant

The VIP Guests with the Family Espiritu-Zettl
The “Models” of Mary Kay

Josephine Espiritu-Zettl In Action

Thank you for your purchases.

ART IS NOT WHAT YOU SEE BUT WHAT YOU MAKE OTHERS SEE. On that day too, Maik Roenneburg, the artist was present to talk about his digital paintings which are self-made sketches and drawings. To know more about Maik Roenneburg’s digital paintings, please visit the website of Galerie Edition Camos.

Maik Roenneburg

Thank you very much from Pilya Blog Magazine!

Ces Seidel with Josephine Espiritu-Zettl and Merian Reglos
Thank you very much, Galerie Edition Camos!

Thank you very much from Josephine Espiritu-Zettl!

Josephine Espiritu-Zettl
Josephine Espiritu-Zettl

Liebe Ladies! ⚘ ⚘ 💃🥳 Ich möchte mich ganz herzlichst für euer Kommen bedanken. Ich habe mich sehr gefreut, dass es nach zwei Jahren Pandemie, wieder möglich ist, dass unser Leben wieder zum normalen Rhythmus zurückkehren kann. Deshalb war es ein erfolgreicher Nachmittag für mich, weil ihr da wart um die Zeit mit “ART & BEAUTY” und mir zu genießen. Es war der Anfang und ich freue mich schon auf unseren nächsten Event. Ganz besonders möchten GALERIE EDITION CAMOS und ich mich bei dieser Gelegenheit bei MARIA CES SEIDEL mit PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE, eine gute Freundin, für Ihr Engagement bedanken. Liebe Grüße Euer Josephine Beauty Consultant mit Mary Kay & Galerie Edition Camos ⚘❤ P.S. Auch vielen Dank für Euer Mary Einkäufe und Bestellungen. 🙏❤️

That’s really Pilyamazing! Tangkilikin po natin ang sariling atin. Choose your SUBSCRIPTION. Vielen dank. Maraming salamat po.


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