HAPPY 3rd YEAR ANNIVERSARY, PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE.  Josephine Espiritu-Zettl graces the cover of our ANIBERSARYO PABULOSO. She wears the traditional dirndl in time for the celebration of Oktoberfest 2018. Josephine Espiritu-Zettl and Dr. Walter Zettl are owners of Gallery Edition Camos in Aldingenstr. 1A, 80639 Munich, GERMANY.  She is also a Selbständige Schönheits-Consultant of MARY KAY COSMETICS. ANIBERSARYO PABULOSO IS NOW AVAILABLE.  Don’t miss this another Pilyamazing issue.


MARIA CES SEIDEL, Publisher of Pilya Blog Magazine with The Honorable Melita Sta. Maria Thomeczek, former Ambassador of the Philippines in Berlin. “Dear Ces….my greetings; hope all is well!
Congratulations, Pilya Blog Magazine, as you celebrate your 3rd year anniversary, thanks to the hard work of Ces Seidel!!!
This magazine has kept alive that Filipino spirit of camaraderie, of festiveness and of joy as it chronicles bondings of Filipinas in Germany. Masasaya ang mga nababasa at nakikita natin sa Pilya Blog!!
May it continue to be an entertaining and informative channel.. and more…I hope that it can further strengthen itself to also present relevant issues of the day.
Reading and understanding the issues and knowing what’s happening with our Filipino communities in Germany can surely empower us all the more. I wish the magazine more years ahead!!!Mabuhay Pilya Blog!! Mabuhay Ces Seidel and her team!! Mabuhay subscribers and friends. God bless us all!”


EMPOWERING WOMEN. WOMEN EMPOWERING WOMEN. In our ANIBERSARYO PABULOSO, we are featuring Filipino women in various fields who made a difference in our lives in Germany. We would like to thank them and serve as role models and inspirations to fellow women. Special thanks to my PILYA BLOGGERS
MANY THANKS TO OUR SPONSORS, then and now. More power to your businesses. THANK YOU DEAR READERS, FILIPINO GROUPS who chose to be published with us and FRIENDS for your continued patronage. YOU’RE ALL PILYAMAZING! ANIBERSARYO PABULOSO WILL BE AVAILABLE SOON.  Don’t miss this another Pilyamazing issue. Today, we are launching  the PILYA BLOG SELFIE CONTEST 2018 for our readers in Germany. MARAMING, MARAMING SALAMAT PO SA INYONG WALANG SAWANG PAGTANGKILIK.  Nagmamahal, Maria Ces Seidel, Publisher of Pilya Blog Magazine

FROM THE BOTTOM OF OUR HEARTS, THANK YOU VERY MUCH to our Clients who chose to be published with us in our Pilyamazing issues:


Our Mechanics

  1. Submit your SELFIE WITH PILYA BLOG MAGAZINE (any issue from 2015-2018) to our facebook page.. Two photo entries are allowed. The key criteria is ORIGINALITY, “frech aber nett”.  Entries must be made by the authorized facebook account holder.
  2. During the contest period, the Management reserves the right to block/delete offensive/immoral photo entries.
  3. Contest period is from Oct. 16, 2018 to 11:59 pm of Oct. 30, 2018.  This contest is for the residents of Germany only.
  4. Maria Ces Seidel, the Publisher of Pilya Blog Magazine will choose the Top 5 and the two highest number accumulated votes in facebook wins. Good luck, ladies!
  5.  The Top 5 will each receive a copy of ELECTRIC INIT, THE SUMMER ISSUE and the the two highest number votes in facebook will win these prizes:

BLUE JEANS CAPPIES WITH “PILYA”, PERSONALLY DESIGNED AND PAINTED BY MARIA CES SEIDEL.  These are for the  two highest numbers of votes in facebook.

Tel.: 089-3006165  Mobile: 0173-6949881 Email.: jocyespiritu@yahoo.de
24 hrs Online Shop: www.marykay.de/jocyespiritu

Dear Ces,

CONGRATULATIONS on your 3rd year Anniversary!! Wishing you more success and happiness to  Pilya Blog Magazine. I am proud to have met you and had wonderful moments, laughter’s with you. Sending you the two MARY KAY products for your 3rd Year Anniversary Tombola.
1. TimeWise Luminous
Wear Liquid Foundation, Color –  Beige 8,    €24,00
Vitamin E and a patented blend of collagen-forming peptides make your skin instantly firmer, younger, and healthier. The perfect anti-aging foundation for normal to dry skin. Pores, fine lines, wrinkles and bumps are visibly reduced. The improved skin structure shimmers and radiates your skin, and your face visibly lights up.
*Moisturizing formula with skin-friendly jojoba ensures lasting well-being.
*Gives the skin a long-lasting, shimmering finish.
*Color fastness even after hours.
*In many shades, for a perfect complexion. *Does not stain and is moisture resistant.
2. Lash Intensity Mascara – Black,     €20,00  
Multiplied. Maximized. For a super intense eyelash look!
* Our first and only mascara with multi-directional performance gives the eyelashes volume and length.
* 200% more volume has the effect of adding the size of two eyelashes to each eyelash.
* PLUS: Eyelashes look 84% longer! *
* The special Double Impact ™ brush has been specially designed to make the lashes look voluminous and at the same time longer.
* Highly effective pigments that are rich in minerals wrap every eyelash in perfect black. 

Vielen Dank. Maraming salamat po. Good luck, ladies! 

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