MY KIND OF CRAZY.  Pilya Blog Magazine’s theme for July 2018 is SAMPAGUITA KWELA. Sampaguita is the national flower of the Philippines and  “kwela”  means funny or humorous. Hence, we dedicate this issue to Filipino women with sense of humor.  We all know that a sense of humor is one of the most attractive traits a woman can have. Show your playful side, men find it irresistible! OUR COVER GIRL. Esperanza Fabok from Austria is kwela herself as “Queen of Royale Germany 2018”.  A ladybug sighting has been linked with luck in love. (toi, toi, toi!) Don’t miss this Pilyamazing issue! It is coming soon! Photography by Walter von Blohn. YOU CAN ORDER NOW!


Esperanza Fabok won the “Best Sailor Moon Costume”.


ang pagbuksan ka ng pinto kahit hindi ka si “Bb. L.” at ST sa eskwela

ang paunahin ka sa pila’t (O parang awa nyo na) kahit hindi ka na magdrama

ang paupuin kang kusa sa bus kahit mas matangkad ka sa kanya

ang ibigay ang kanyang kamay sa iyong pagkadapa’t nakipagpag pa ng iyong palda

bawal ang pssst! ang tawagin kang “Miss” o “Ma’m” at kahit hindi siya nauuhaw

ang makibuhat ng iyong pinamili’t hindi naghihintay ng tip na barya

ang manligaw sa tanghali’t hinubad pa ang sapatos niya

ang mangharana sa gabi’t may dala pang chicharon at gin para sa iyong ama

kung sino ang nagyaya “siya ang taya!” at ang “toilet excuse” (ehem) ay bulok na!

KIP KAM, habang ikaw ay naghihintay O magtoothpick ka na lang muna… Kapow!!!


by Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito





JAVA, CUPPA AND JOE. Congratulations to Mary Kocourek from Burgebrach, winner of Lean N Green coffee selfie/photo contest 2018. She says “Coffee makes everything better and enhances my creativity day by day.” That’s a Pilyamazing quote, Mary! Thank you very much to our Sponsor, Loida Kühn.

 THANK YOU VERY MUCH, JOSEPHINE ESPIRITU-ZETTL, Mary Kay Independent Beauty Consultant. She believed she could so she did! Please visit her website, to check on those Pilyamazing Mary Kay Cosmetics.


ATTENTION DEAR ARTISTS, ARTIST GROUPS AND COLLECTIVES 💫💫. For the love of art and as the marketing representative for advertising of Galerie Edition Camos in Munich, here’s the good news. WE ARE OPENING Galerie Edition Camos to the public. For the very first time, we offer you this unique opportunity to present your own show, exhibit your artworks (any kind), photography and/or book reading event. We are offering our space for rent for a month or so from July 2018. If you‘re interested and wanna learn more about it, please feel free to call Maria Ces Seidel  (+49 17623679423 available in WhatsApp). Email: Dear friends, don’t miss this golden opportunity and please spread the word. In behalf of the Owners, Dr. Walter and Josephine Espiritu-Zettl. Vielen Dank. Thank you very much. Maraming, maraming salamat po.

arnoldHELLO SUMMER. Dear readers in Germany, you are invited to join our Summer issue in August 2018. Just send your selfie/photo with your easy, cool summer outfits to our facebook page. Maraming, maraming salamat, Arnold. You rock it!


Happy 120th Philippine Independence Day!!! Vielen Dank. Thank you very much. Maraming, maraming salamat po.


Maria Ces Seidel a.k.a. Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito, Publisher with Lean N Green.

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