LABING KUTKUTIN March/April 2017

PAG-IBIG kapag pumasok sa puso ninuman ay…

sumbatan at selosan
ang epic na hiwalayan
magkakabalikan din naman

huwag naman makantiyawan
siya’y handang makipagumbagan
at ito ba’y kasalanan
ang makipag-ibigan sa syota ng iba
ang makipaglampungan sa Bagumbayan
ang makipagkiskisan ng pisngi’t noo
ang makipagpisilan ng kamay
ang makipagkindatan
ang magblow kiss
ang magblow hanapbuhay
ang makipagtitigan ng matagal
ang cradle snatcher
ang cougar
May-December love affair
love triangle
friends with benefits
ang “maninisid” at “mangingisda”
“Rock the Boat” our love is like an ocean… 
by Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito

february2017Our March 2017 COVER GIRLS. Leah Stuhlmüller from Westerndorf-Meitingen is “Mrs. PCGB Charity 2017” and Cresilda Gentner  from Gerstetten-Heidenheim is “Mrs. PCGB Valentine 2017”.  Congratulations and You’re both PILYAMAZING!  This is the LOVE ISSUE which is dedicated to all women for International Women’s Day Celebration on March 8. It is a PILYAMAZING 52-page issue with a bright, glossy cover of empowering women with Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito’s “I Am Darna”. Mabuhay ang lahat ng babae sa buong mundo! 

Dear PILYA BLOG Readers,

Gruß Gott!

“Labing Kutkutin” is our theme for March 2017. Last year, Pilya Blog Magazine’s “THE LOVE ISSUE” is dedicated to Grace Kroener.  It’s all about LOVE (lab, lab, lab). We celebrate our theme with a fresh and chic website to make this an affair to remember. In this issue, we share our love to our Patron of Sto. Niño with our Kababayans at the Sinulog Fests in Speichersdorf, Aschaffenburg and Hamburg. We joined the Oktoberfest Finale Grande in Waxweiler with our much loved dirndls. We fell in love at Room 518 and celebrated Christmas Party with the Grupong Pilipino sa Alemanya e.V. (GPA) in Bindlach. We found “love at first sight” in Mertingen at the Search for Mrs. PCGB Valentine & Mrs. PCGB Charity 2017.  Forrest Gump once said “Life was like a box of chocolates, you never know what you’re gonna get.”  Oh how sweet it is to be loved by “Dark Topic” at AGA & PILYA Faschingsparty.  Mrs. Punk Rock Cielito’s Dating Tips “When Do You Pull Down Your Pants or Unbutton Your Blouse” and Thelma Albert’s “Sexy Seafood Recipes” are surely a match made in heaven. We are already smitten with our next issue in May 2017. Pilya Blog Magazine’s The Sexy Issue, “KULAMBO CURLS” takes your breath away. This could be real love!



darna14“LABING KUTKUTIN” is dedicated to all women for International Women’s Day Celebration on March 8. “Lipad, Darna, Lipad!” Thank you very much, ladies for your selfies. You’re all PILYAMAZING! 

Pilya Blog Magazine’s March 2017 “LABING KUTKUTIN” is NOW AVAILABLE! You can order now.  Upon purchase, send the Pilya Code to win instant Prizes by the end of this year and send your SELFIE with Pilya Blog Magazine to win a Gift certificate from younique Royalty courtesy of Ms. Susan Fuchs. Subscribe now to receive your gift too! That’s really PILYAMAZING!

Thank you very much. Vielen Dank. Maraming, maraming salamat po.

Acknowledgements: Ambassador Millie Sta. Maria Thomeczek, Ms. Josie Kalbskopf, of Sinulog Fest in Speichersdorf, Ms. Evelyn Franco and Manang Arceli Xier of Galang Pinays and Santacruzan in Eltmann, Ms. Corrie Weires of Oktoberfest Finale Grande in Waxweiler, Ms. Brenda Hergl, Ms. Charito Pantoja, Ms. Marivic Laurente, Mr. Robert Fröhlich, Ms. Janice Hofmann and Philippine Cultural Group Bayern (PCGB), Ms. Verginia Schoch of Silayan Bavaria e.V., Ms. Katrin Hendrich, Ms. Leslie Schwarzer and Grupong Pilipino sa Alemanya, e.V. (GPA), Ms. Melinda Kanthak and Deutsch-Philippinische Katholische Gemeinschaft Aschaffenburg, Fr. Simon Boiser and Ms. Helen Schulze of Sinulog Fest in Hamburg, Ms. Cynthia Steinke, Ms. Regine Flores, Ms. Sahlee Bernhard and Asian-German Association (AGA), Angela Müller and Family, Ana Sahibul of DVG Salon, Adora Simacon Paprotka of Pinoy Store, Mr. & Mrs. Bellie Kirschner of Kirschner Reisen, Ms. Catherine Brenner of Fil ‘Ger Gala Night 2017, Stella and Tita Mila Antony of MA Transworld GmbH Money Transfer.

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